[Syllabus] 게임이론 및 응용

SYLLABUS [212.339]

Associate Professor
Department of Economics
Seoul National University
E-mail: bgju@snu.ac.kr
Homepage: http://bgju.blogspot.com
Phone: 02-880-2879
Office: 16-636
Class Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 7.5-
Classroom: 016-237
TA: Yong-Gyun Kim, Jeonghum Park

About This Course

Game Theory offers mathematical frameworks dealing with systems of decentralized decision makers such as markets and other economic systems, legal and political institutions, private or public organizations etc. It is considered as a basic language in modern economic analysis and positive political theory. In this course, we will overview the classical results in Game Theory. We will also study its application to some selected topics in Economics and Political Science.
  • Textbook: An Introduction to Game Theory
    by Martin J. Osborne, Oxford University Press, 2004
  • Requirements
    • Attendance 10
    • Homework 10
    • Quiz 30
    • Final Examination 50

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Strategic game, Nash equilibrium
  3. Mixed strategy, Existence of Nash equilibrium
  4. Extensive form games with perfect information
  5. Games with imperfect information: Bayesian games
  6. Games with imperfect information: Extensive form games
  7. Repeated games
  8. Cooperative Game Theory
  9. Adverse selection, signaling, and screening
  10. Principal-agent problem
  11. Mechanism design
  12. Game Theory and Ethics


Students taking this course must keep the following
  • Turn your mobile phone off.
  • No use of laptop computers and other electronic devices without my approval.