Priority, solidarity and egalitarianism

Social Choice and Welfare

February 2014

·        Youngsub Chun, 

·        Inkee Jang, 

·        Biung-Ghi Ju

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We provide alternative axiomatic characterizations of the extended egalitarian rules (Moreno-Ternero and Roemer, Econometrica 74:1419–1427, 2006) in a fixed-population setting of the canonical resource allocation model based on individual capabilities (output functions). Our main axioms are disability monotonicity (no reduction in the amount of resources allocated to an agent after she becomes more disabled) and agreement (when there is a change in agents’ capabilities or total resources, all agents who remain unchanged should be influenced in the same direction: all unchanged agents get more or all get less or all get the same amount as before).


Within this Article

1.      Introduction

2.      Preliminaries

3.      Axioms

4.      Main results

5.      Concluding remarks

6.      References

7.      References

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